Reasons why We Dumped Tagbo Umeike’s Body – Davido’s Men Confess

Reasons why We Dumped Tagbo Umeike's Body - Davido's Men Confess

The last has not been heard of the dispute surrounding the death of Tagbo Umeike , friend to Nigerian pop star David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, as the other suspects who were detained by the police have given associate insight into what really happened the night Tagbo died.

Reports attributable to the Lagos State Police Command had disclosed that Tagbo had an evening of serious drinking and allegedly consumed about 40 shots of tequila, a strong alcoholic beverage. He was presupposed to be in company of his friends, as well as Davido, before his body was abandoned at Lagos Island General Hospital within the early hours of October 3.

The news of his death was made known to the general public following the outcry of Umeike’s girlfriend, Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma, who accused Davido of abandoning his friend. That outburst led to the arrest and interrogation of Davido and 3 different suspects by the police. whereas the other 3 suspects are still being detained in police custody, Davido was free unconditionally.

According to a police source, there was no ought to detain Davido as all the proof gathered within the cause of interrogation and investigation exonerated him. “Tagbo is an adult and wasn’t forced to consume that amount of alcohol that’s dangerous to his health. He had nothing to do with his death, rather investigation disclosed that he was even a lot of involved concerning the protection of the deceased while he was still alive”, the source declared, pointing to a dead end in efforts to bring charges against the music star over the controversial death of his friend.

Why we drop Tagbo’s body

Meanwhile a number of the suspects who were detained when interrogation at the despotism Criminal Investigation Department , Panti have told the police that they drop Tagbo’s body and fled the hospital once the doctor on duty confirmed that he was dead for concern of being treated as suspects. some of the suspects who square measure in custody are Davido’s police security detail, Tunde Yussuf , similarly as his friends Busari Idris and Agbeja Olaoye all of who completely exonerated Davido.

According to Yussuf, who is a spy policeman , he was posted to work for Davido as a part of his security details. He said that on the day of the unfortunate incident, that they had gone to a celebration with the pop star at a club called Shasha room where they met Tagbo already drunk.

After spending some time, they rapt to Oniru beach where Fuji music star Wasiu Ayinde was to perform at a party that night.

According to him, they expected Tagbo to go home since he was already drunk however was shocked that he followed them to that place too. Moments later, one of Davido’s boys advised them that Tagbo wasn’t okay.
He said Davido then requested that they must take one of his Hilux vehicles and follow those taking Tagbo to the hospital. As shortly as they got there, the boys who took Tagbo to the hospital hurried in to call the police. “He was still within the car once the doctor came out and checked him so said that he’s dead. Moments later, the boys came out and told me that it absolutely was time to get out of the hospital.”

The second suspect Olaoye who was in the car with Tagbo before he died told the police that he fled once the doctor confirmed him dead to avoid being treated as his killer.

According to him, Tagbo was at the party long before Davido arrived and there was so much free drinks. “He demanded for a drink called tequila and possibly to indicate that he will consume lots and still keep sane, took many shots of the drink.

As at the time Davido needed to depart the party for another one, Tagbo was already drunk and violent. Davido who was involved concerning his plight offered {to carry|to hold} him in his car however was suggested against it as a result of he was drunk and misbehaving. They suggested him to go home however he insisted that he was aiming to the beach party with them. He then joined their car that was a part of the convoy . it was while they were there that he started screaming and gasping for breath.”

At that time, he aforesaid they contacted Davido through the boys who were around him and that they were told that Davido asked that he ought to be taken to the hospital immediately. On their approach, he additionally noticed that one of Davido’s security men followed them to the hospital.

Olaoye insists that Tagbo was still breathing once they arrived at the hospital. They bumped into the hospital requesting that there was an emergency, sadly by the time the doctor arrived, Tagbo had died.

They were then asked to fill a from to enable the hospital prepare his death certificate. They were able to get his international passport to get his correct name and age.

“The doctor then aforesaid that people in-charge of such case were coming which we should wait and meet them before the remains can be kept within the mortuary.”
Olaoye knew that they were referring to the police, in order that they all decided to run away from the hospital. They quickly jumped into the Hillux driven by Davido’s security detail and left the hospital. They additionally tried calling Davido to let him understand the outcome of their trip to the hospital however his phones were switched off. everyone of them retired to their varied homes with the hope that by the next day they’d help trace Tagbo’s family members.

Insisting that they’re all innocent , Olaoye told the police that they ran away that night as a result of in Nigeria, “even if it’s clear that you just had nothing to try and do with the death of somebody, as long as you were at the scene, they’re going to lock you up and accuse you of murder.”

Busari Idris who was additionally in the car on the day of the unfortunate incident additionally confirmed Olaoye’s statement. He aforesaid that they only knew his details from the international passport found in his wallet.

According to him, Tagbo was gasping for breath and screaming that his abdomen was burning. He aforesaid that they had no selection however to rush him to the hospital, adding that he was still breathing once they have to be compelled to the hospital however lost him before the doctor could come to visualize him that night which was around 3am the next day.

“When the doctor aforesaid that we’ve got to wait for the police, we knew the implication, that was why we fled the scene.”

What Davido told the police

In a short statement at the station , Davido aforesaid he knew Tagbo a bit like the other boys hanging around him. according to him, he was invited to attend the party of a friend whom he known as Adelewe. At concerning 8pm on October 2, he left his house to attend the party at Shasha room in Lekki.
He was seated at another table with different friends whereas Tagbo and several other others were behind them drinking and making noise. He solely determined that Tagbo was consumming most tequila whereas the boys with him on the table were cheering him.

An hour later, he aforesaid he stood up and moved right down to his car. He was heading to G12 at Oniru beach to attend another event, where Wasiu Ayinde was to perform.

He declared that almost all his boys and fans followed him to the park as well as Tagbo who was drunk and unstable.

According to him, he was worried and tried to persuade him to enter his car however as a result of he was misbehaving his security details and personal assistants suggested that he shouldn’t take him in his car however rather he would enter another car in his convoy.

He left the club and attended the party at Oniru beach. an hour later , he moved to a different club on the Island called dna for one more event before retiring home for the day in the early hours of October 3.

Davido told the police, that he never detected something from him again until he was advised by his personal assistant that Tagbo had died.

Other suspects face charges

At the time of filling this report, there have been indications that the police might file charges against the opposite 3 suspects being held in custody. it absolutely was also confirmed that the police might have return to a dead end in their initial plan to draw charges against Davido similarly as a result of the music star was exonerated

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