Cartoon Network Dissociates Self From Viral Obscene Photo.

Cartoon Network Dissociates Self From Viral Obscene Photo.

After the social media outburst that ensued when an obscene photo of a cartoon allegedly being aired on Cartoon Network surfaced earlier today, the satellite TV channel has released a statement saying they aren’t authentic.

Cartoon Network stated that such a scene has never been shared on any of its platforms – the photo which went viral on twitter shows a nude male and female.

And in light of the development, people were quick to judge and call out the channel for the crude content saying it is completely inappropriate for children.

However, some others have come to the defense of Carton Network, spotting the wrong placement of the logo in the obscene photo.

The satellite channel stands to face lawsuits and may lose a lot of viewers if the accusations are true. This, however, is not the first time in recent times the network is being faced with this kind of scandal, but it has always maintained its stand that it does not air cartoons with adult content.


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