UK Vows Not To Allow Any Other Political System In Nigeria

Mr Paul Arkwright, the British High Commissioner has said that United Kingdom will not allow Nigeria drop the democratic system of government. He made this statement amid speculations on some top military personnel’s having secret meetings with top politicians in the country. Democracy is the best system in Nigeria and no other political system will save Nigeria, he said.

Reacting to the statement made by the Nigeria Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, that some politicians were approaching soldiers, with the aim of usurping power, Mr. Paul Arkwright made it known to newsmen that United Kingdom will not allow any other system to operate in Nigeria except democracy. Democracy will favor Nigerians, he said again. Reminiscing on the colonial era, he said ‘We colonized Nigeria and have no doubt that democracy is the only political system that can save Nigeria.’

Urging Nigeria soldiers to work professionally and to desists from any illegal gatherings and meetings, Buratai warned that anyone caught violating the rules will have himself to blame. Recall he had earlier warned soldiers that, “Any officer or soldier of Nigerian Army found to be hobnobbing with such elements or engaged in unprofessional conducts such as politicking would have himself or herself to blame.” Connecting with the above statement, Mr.Arkwright said “No other system will work in Nigeria, except democracy, UK believes so much in democracy and that is why we introduced it to Nigeria during the colonial era, we believe so much in democracy. “So, our position is very clear; we stand for democracy, we stand for the democratic process and we stand for change, if that is what the people of Nigeria wants. “It has to be a choice that the people make and not a choice that is imposed upon them.”

“The British Government believes that democracy is absolutely critical in Nigeria. There is a democratic process here; there are elections. If you are not happy with your leaders, then you should change your leadership process through your leaders and through elections” he finally said.

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