Ambode Bans VIO Permanently

Lagos state governor Akinwunmi Ambode has confirmed the ban imposed on Vehicle Inspection Officers in the state.

The governor reiterated the ban while commissioning the newly commissioned pedestrian bridges, laybys and slip roads at Ojodu Berger.

He said the decision is in line with his administration’s resolve to ensure free-flow of traffic across the state.

Ambode also warned officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps to stay off the main streets of Lagos.

He said, “Let me use this opportunity to reiterate that Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) have been asked to stay off our roads permanently. We also advise the Federal Road Safety Corps to stay on the fringes and highways and not on the main streets of Lagos. It has become evident that these agencies contribute to the traffic challenges on our roads.”

The governor also said the state government would put a stop to the impounding of vehicles and use technology to track and monitor vehicle registration and MOT certifications.

Speaking on the decision of the state government to intervene in Ojodu Berger, he said, “What we set out to achieve with this project was to ensure smooth flow of traffic along the express, safeguard the lives of our people who had to run across the express and project the image of a truly global city to our visitors.

“Today, we are delighted that we have not only succeeded in transforming the landscape of this axis but with the slip road, laybys and pedestrian bridge, we have given a new and pleasant experience to all entering and exiting our state.”

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