6 Tips To Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Social media has turned out to be a life changing tool to business owners, especially small and medium enterprises. Advertising on social media is becoming more and more popular by the day. Most SMEs cannot afford the huge advertising costs incurred by large firms but with the help of social media, small businesses can reach a very significant target audience. Even big companies are starting to see the impact of social media to a brand and are working hard at creating a strong online presence for their businesses. If you want to grow your business, whether small or big then you must harness the power of social media.

Here are top 7 tips to help you grow your brand on social media

1. Use All Social Networks

To create a strong online presence, your business needs to be on all the popular social networking site. The social networks that are most effective for businesses are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also create a LinkedIn account as this would give your business a more professional look. Keep in mind that every social network has a different style, as such, a post suitable for Facebook might come off as lame to twitter users. So you need to get acquainted with the style of any social network you intend to use.

2. Invest In Social Media Adverts

You need to include a budget for social media adverts in your monthly expenditure. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top. Social media adverts are so affordable, yet very effective. You can do an advert on Facebook for as low as N1000. It’s up to you to decide the kind of returns you want and draw up a budget accordingly.

3. Identify Your Target Audience

You need to sit down and do an analysis of the set of people who make up your target audience. It it very important to know who your product or service is for, their age range, what kind of lifestyle they live and all that. This would help you narrow down your advert or campaign to just the set of people who would be interested in what you are offering. A target audience that is too broad is barely effective as it would reach too many people who have zero interest in your offering.

4. Use The Right Hashtags

Most social media platforms make use of hashtags. If you are sending out a post on Instagram, be sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your post. This helps create more visibility for you because whoever searches for that hashtag would surely see your post. Let’s say you sell bags, then you post a picture of that bag on Instagram, don’t just publish the picture without including hashtags like #bags #bagsforsale #affordablebagsnaija #classybags. I’m sure you get the picture now.

5. Engage Your Followers

It is one thing to get a potential customer to follow your business page and it’s another thing entirely to keep them glued and avoid losing followers. Even if you spend thousands of naira buying followers, you will eventually start to lose followers if you don’t engage them. For you to avoid this disaster from happening, you need to update your business page frequently. You have to keep them engaged by carrying them along in your business activities, interact with them, and respond to their inquiries promptly and in a very polite manner. You can even try your hands on live videos where you can have a discussion session with your followers. Also don’t forget to give back to them as a sign of appreciation, an occasional giveaway would do the trick. If you follow these steps, you would see your followers turning on post notifications on your page.

6. Hire A Professional

If your business is starting to perform well on social media and it is becoming overwhelming for you or your team to handle it, don’t be hesitant to hire the services of a social media expert of a digital marketing company. It might cost a little but it is totally worth it. Just make sure to educate whoever you are hiring on your business ethics, culture and target market.

Social media is very vital to the growth of a business and if your brand is not on any social network in this time and age, then you need to join the trend immediately.

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