2019 Election: Neither APC Nor PDP Should Win -Oby Ezekwesili

It is that neither APC nor its twin brother (yes, how does 6 differ from half a dozen?) PDP should win the 2019 State and Federal legislative and executive Elections.

I am totally committed to this Agenda. I am committed to this Political Agenda because WE must disrupt and END the Political and Governance STAGNATION & RETROGRESSION that our cyclical Low Equilibrium Political Russian Roulette has cost our country and people.

Enough is REALLY Enough. I tweeted at the end of 2017 that one will commit a significant part of my 2018 to building the Political Consciousness of citizens to END the reign of the status quo Decadent Political Class. This for me is the #YearOfTheOfficeOfTheCitizen when all Citizens lift their RED CARD. My Political Agenda is SIMPLE.

I shall ACTIVELY campaign against APC and PDP in the 2019 Elections EXCEPT in rare cases where they field NEW MINDS with STRONG RECORD of Public Interest.

I shall ACTIVELY campaign FOR the BEST CANDIDATES of all OTHER PARTIES in the Elections. My individual effort to CAMPAIGN AGAINST APC and PDP in the 2019 Elections may not amount to much, but it is at least a DEFINITE EXPRESSION of my personal CONVICTION.

My CONVICTION is that it is TIME to END the tyranny of rulership of a WICKED minority Political elite class. Whether many other citizens feel the way one feels about our Political status quo does not matter. STANDING UP for what I believe is what one was raised to epitomize.

It is sickening to watch the repetition of SIMILAR PATTERN of BAD BEHAVIOR by our Political Class.

Enough!! Of all days that APC and its stalwarts could ASSAULT our sensibilities with the announcement of the launch of 2019 re-election bid for President .@MBuhari, they chose yesterday!

The same day that Citizens were TRAUMATIZED by the images of BUTCHERED BODIES of our fellow citizens?

Enough!! I hope that my Political Agenda for 2018 is CLEAR ENOUGH to the twin parties of APC & PDP and their allies.

It is the Agenda of an ordinary citizen of this country.

Mock it. Attack it. Disdain it. Do whatever.

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