North Korea And Its Gorgeous Traffic Girls

A policewoman controls traffic in central Pyongyang, May 4, 2016. Photo: REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

A lot of people probably know everything negative there is to know about this controversial country, North Korea. Its starving population, poor economy, political repressions, strict regulations and level of propaganda brainwash is outrageously high that it would give Hitler a run for his money.

Despite all the negative stories from this country, one thing that is somewhat “nice” about North Korea is its Female traffic police (also known as “Pyongyang Traffic Girls”). We use the term “nice” rather loosely because of the mode of recruiting these traffic wardens.

Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un has opted for a bizarre policy to give his country a facelift — employing glamorous female traffic police officers.

The Pyongyang policewomen have garnered a cult following, also boasting of a website dedicated to them. The fan site features pictures and videos of the girls, along with a special Pyongyang Traffic Girl of the Month.

While most people may not think that much of  the job of a traffic officer, it is said to be held in very high esteem in the East Asian country, which is strongly desired and competed for fiercely, with only the best being hired. This is mainly due to the fact that traffic policewomen have a higher pay and status compared to the rest of the citizens. The women are reportedly provided 300 more grams of food per day compared to the average citizen’s 500 grams, receive free housing, free health care and other privileges.

The Pyongyang policewomen are reportedly picked by the leader himself. The women have to be unmarried, attractive, healthy and at least 5ft 4in tall, between the ages of 16 and 26 to be eligible for the job. They also have to be graduates from a high school. If the female traffic police gets married, they would be no longer do the job, and would be replaced by civilian staff.

Pyongyang’s female traffic police working conditions are quite hard for the most of the week except for Sunday. The rest of the time, there always has to be somebody on the job. They have a two-hour shift starting at 7 A.M. and ends at 10 P.M. They stand in these kind of under lit-up umbrella podiums which are displaced throughout the streets of Pyongyang.

Many inside sources report that there is fierce competition over affection of PTGs by the North Korean men, because of their beauty and high status. Images of them are widely used on stamps, flyers, posters, billboards as a form of state propaganda. There are even children’s toys made out of them!

They even have various uniforms depending on the time of year. They have been seen wearing these cute fur-trimmed military uniforms or raincoats, during the bad weather.

There have been speculations for the reason behind Kim’s special treatment of the traffic officers. Four years ago, a mysterious incident related to the dictator and traffic cops came to light after a traffic officer was awarded the Hero of the Republic award. According to speculation, she was responsible for saving Kim’s life, in what could have been a car accident or an unsuccessful assassination attempt. However, there was no official declaration regarding this.

The traffic officers — reportedly the tallest and best looking women — can be seen on almost 50 posts across the city overseeing North Korea’s traffic crime.

Meanwhile, the video below shows a female traffic police controlling traffic on the streets of Pyongyang.

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