5 Nigerian Foods That Can Make You Sell Your Birthright

If there’s one thing that is good about Nigeria, it’s the food. Nigerian food can make an Eminem change his name to Emenike. Without much ado, let’s just jump right into it.

1. Amala and Ewedu

Show me a true Yoruba man and I’ll show you a man who doesn’t joke with his okele (swallow). Amala, made from yam flour, is best paired with ewedu soup and gbegiri, accompained by all kinds of assorted meat. Amala is very light and as such it is ideal for the fitfam community. It is an unwritten taboo to eat this meal with any kind of cutlery. Your hand is the best way to go to really enjoy this meal.

2. Small chops

Any Nigerian wedding that doesn’t serve small chops deserves to be probed by the National Association of Food Mongers because such act is a total disregard for their guests. Imagine using a chunk of your salary to buy Asoebi only to get to the wedding venue and they tell there’s no small chops. Ha, such disrespect!

3. Nkwobi

An Igbo man’s best friend! If you walk into any bar that serves this delicacy, you will be sure to find an Igbo man chilling with a bowl of Nkwobi and a chilled bottle of Star or Guiness Stout. Let me use this opportunity to appeal to Nkwobi sellers that they need to stop deceiving people with those shallow wooden bowls they serve Nkwobi in. It’s not fair, God is watching you all.

4. Plantain

Whether you make it as dodo, bole, boiled plantain, plantain porridge, mosa, plantain is everyone’s best friend.

5. Jollof Rice

You know what they say about leaving the best for the last. Yes, jollof rice is the king of them all, party jollof rice to be precise. It is best served with everyone’s lover, plantain. If it not Nigerian jollof rice, it is not jollof rice.

So there you have it, all the five Nigerian delicacies that you just can’t say no to. Nigeria is indeed blessed with good food and no one can dispute that.

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