Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company Urges Caution as Rains Begin

The Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company has called on the public to exercise caution around electrical installations as the rainy season begins.

The company’s Head of Corporate Communications, Mr. Felix Ofulue, asked members of the public to exercise caution so as not to fall victim to accidents that may occur as a result of floods, windstorms and heavy rainfall.

Ofulue said that the company would continue to sensitize its customers and the general public to the safety measures necessary in order to remain safe.

He said, “The need for heightened awareness on safety measures during the rainy season is due to the hazard that the mix of electricity and water poses.”

Ofulue advised members of the public to avoid conditions that could compromise their safety around electricity, such as using wet electrical appliances; stepping in puddles of potentially charged water, and coming in contact with exposed electrical wires.

He also stated the need to be mindful of street lights within the Lagos as fatal cases had been reported in the past where road users came in contact with exposed energized wires connected to the street light.

Ofulue asked residents to be mindful of snapped power cables and fallen poles,saying residents should call the company’s customer care help lines or use the firm’s social media handles whenever they encounter any snapped cables or fallen poles, while maintaining a safe distance from the point of the accident.

He warned against conducting commercial activities under power cables, noting that the poles could easily snap due to strong winds, and advised against engaging quack electricians to attempt repairs as this could lead to property damage, fire and even loss of life.

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